Vicky Colbert´s Participation in The II Rural Educational Forum (Cali 2018)

18th of december 2018, Santiago de Cali – Colombia.

These Forums (the first was held in 2017) are intended for teachers, principals, students and parents belonging to the 15 rural school of the municipality of Cali, to have the opportunity to share successful experiences on relevant issues that concern rural education.

This event, with more than 180 attendees, presented Vicky Colbert as its main speaker, and the participation of Mr. César Ocoró, representative of Cali’s local educational authorities. Three working groups were organized during this Forum: 1. Pertinent and Contextualized Curriculum for a New Rurality, 2. Learning Environments for Peace, and 3. Public Policies for Rural Education. All these topics had basic presentations, and the participants reached conclusions that were presented before the closing of the event.

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