Strategic Priorities

In FEN we want to promote a global movement focused on improving the lives of the most vulnerable through a quality education that promotes learner-centered and cooperative learning.

Through a coalition of global multi-sectoral partners, we want to extend the reach of ENA and adapt it to the global needs of the most vulnerable populations.

The movement aims to promote a large-scale social change through a new way of learning, creating a sustainable global community to support and contribute to this goal, and continuous learning.

To achieve this goal, we have prioritized the following strategic lines:

Partner support - Technical assistance

Developing successful stories of the integral implementation of the ENA model through projects in formal educational settings, providing professional services (training and coaching, learning materials, monitoring, and evaluation, etc.).
Developing customized solutions adapting the principles and methodology of ENA to new contexts, populations, and audiences.

Community Connections

Its objective is to create and promote a learning community for knowledge generation. We want to connect members, encouraging interaction and exchange of ideas, systematizing experiences and best practices, creating publications, promoting academic events, among other activities.

Research and Development

Through this line we want to promote research, innovation, and evaluation on ENA. We work on curriculum design and training processes and apply metrics, indicators, and instruments both in cognitive and socio-emotional dimensions.

Strategic Partnerships

This line aims to strengthen a coalition of global multi-sectoral partners through medium and long term partnerships that help consolidate the pedagogical transformation we aim for and fund the development of strategic projects.

General Administration

Offers administrative support to all activities.