Our mission

We improve the quality, relevance, and efficiency of education rethinking the way we learn and promoting active, cooperative, and personalized learning centered on the learner.

Our Impact

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Benefited students

Girls, boys and young people who learn to learn in Colombia and the world

Teachers trained

Teachers transforming the education and learning processes

Scools reached

Schools implementing the ENA model or its strategies

Our projects


Circles to Learn is a space full of learning based on trust and the construction of values. What we seek is to provide new opportunities for students to feel respected, heard, loved and as part of something.

Carlos CortésTeacher program (Cundinamarca – Colombia)

We are used to the fact that man is the leader, but women can also be spokespersons. That's why I launched myself to the presidency of the Student Government. It is a beautiful experience since I like to help people. At this moment I feel that I am forming on a small scale and then project myself in my life.

Silvia Fernanda PáezStudent at Gimnasio Santander (Tunja – Boyacá)

What I would highlight most about this project is that students have become much more autonomous in their work and more critical. The work with the Learning Guides promotes their reading level and collaborative work, each group has its own leader. The teacher is a counselor, we no longer give master classes.

Julio César QuinteroTeacher at Francisco Lloreda Meda school (Cali – Colombia)

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