We develop educational solutions to improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of education of -primarily- children of vulnerable populations. We operate through projects, in which different strategic teams of the organization take part, such as Training, Curriculum Design, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Community Connections.

The Project Management Office (PMO) centralizes Project design, execution, and monitoring of all projects, whether as an integral EN implementation, a customized solution, or a special project.


Escuela Nueva Activa

Educational solution that improves quality, efficiency, and equity in education in rural contexts through a cooperative, active, and flexible learning process focused on the learner.

Escuela Activa Urbana

Adapts the strategies and materials of the Escuela Nueva Activa model to urban contexts.

Learning Circles

Adapts the strategies and materials of the Escuela Nueva Activa model to highly vulnerable contexts and populations, serving out-of-school and schooled highly vulnerable children and youth.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Additionally, we promote research, innovation, and constant updating of our pedagogical proposal, as well as carrying out evaluations and design of metrics for continuous improvement.

We have instruments for applying evaluations -to students and teachers- at different times of intervention and we establish a frame of reference that helps us interpret the results obtained to validate how effective the implementation of the ENA model is being.

This provides us with timely information about what is happening in the classroom, allows us to make decisions to adjust or strengthen the pedagogical support processes, and define goals on the future impact results associated with the projects.