Intern or Volunteer


Volunteers and interns have been an integral part of our Organization. Their support has allowed us to move towards achieving our vision.

Through our Volunteers and Internship Program, we offer different learning alternatives in activities related to project management, communications, research and evaluation, translation, photography, and design.

If you do not find a volunteer/internship opportunity that fits your skills and interests, do not hesitate to submit your application indicating your area of interest and availability.

What should you consider when applying?


Application process:

1. Select the volunteer/internship offer you want to apply for here.

2. Fill out the Application Form, and attach your CV and an Application Essay in which you explain how volunteering can contribute to your work or personal goals. You will find the indications to carry out the essay in the Application Form.

3. Once you submit your application, our team will contact you to start the selection process. This consists of an email exchange to resolve doubts and concerns and two (2) telephone interviews.

Be part of our FEN Volunteer / Intern Program and join the network of young people who use their time and talent to ensure a quality basic education for the children and young people of the world!

These are some of the testimonies from volunteers who were part of FEN:

It was a privilege to work for an organization that is doing so much good in the world. The second reason was the staff. It was a pleasure working with a team of such kind and caring individuals who did so much to welcome me into the FEN team and to Bogotá!

Ben TillotsonUnited States

After volunteering with FEN, I feel prepared to work with other education organizations and share my experience with others. Everyone here plays an important role in FEN´s work and you can always learn from their experience

Alicia FraustoUnited States

Working for an NGO with such a widespread impact in terms of education, with measurable positive output, is very inspiring and truly impressive. I helped in the areas of fundraising and public relations and was always supported by the amazing Escuela Nueva staff. Everybody was welcoming and warm. Happy times!

Sara BauchmüllerGermany

2024 Volunteer / Internship Opportunities (remote work)

Fundación Escuela Nueva -FEN- has the following profiles open within its Volunteering and Internship Program:

Project Support

This volunteer/intern will support project-related activities, either in planning and/or execution phases.

Candidates should have good research skills and experience writing documents and templates. He or she will develop different activities to help systematize all Project management-related processes.

Research Assistant

Volunteers and interns will help systematize and transcribe information, support data collection, review data protocols, seek information on available grants, etc. Volunteers and interns are required to be able to work with data tables in Excel and to have basic knowledge of statistics and statistical programs such as SPSS.

Besides, they can conduct literature reviews on relevant topics, such as rural education, citizenship education, leadership, evaluation frameworks, etc. During the interview with the Evaluation Coordinator, other research tasks can be discussed and agreed upon.

Social Media and Communications Assistant

The volunteer/intern will support FEN´s communication efforts and initiatives through various means: social media, newsletters, and media outlets, among others.

As well, this person will also support content generation and the continuous update of relevant databases. This candidate should have excellent communication skills in English and Spanish, and experience in social networks and their analytics tools.


The translation volunteer will translate documents pertaining to different areas such as articles, and publications as well as reports and any other documents of FEN´s work, in English and Spanish. This person should be bilingual in English and Spanish and ideally should have experience in written translation and interpreting.

This volunteer doesn’t have a predictable schedule (i.e. timetable will depend on FEN projects).

Photography / Design

The Photography volunteer will take photos of the activities carried out as part of FEN’s projects and events. The candidate should have intermediate skills and knowledge in photography.

The Design volunteer will support the creation of graphic materials and audiovisual products. Preferably, the candidate should have knowledge of Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

The produced material will be an important tool to help us improve our presence on social networks and online.

These positions don’t have a predictable schedule. It depends on specific projects of FEN.