Vicky Colbert, member of the Council of Luminaries

7th December 2020, Hong Kong – China

During the 2020 Yidan Award Summit, held yesterday in Hong Kong, was announced the establishment of the Council of Luminaries. It gathers 16 highly accomplished educational researchers and innovators to foster collaboration and drive education progress globally.

Vicky Colbert (executive director of FEN) is part of the Council along with a group of researchers, educators, neuroscientists, psychologists, economists, statisticians, and innovators determined to take concrete actions to close the inequality gap and build new bridges between research and practice. The goal is to make education more responsive to the challenges of the 21st century.

“As an expert on the power of education to change lives and transform communities, the Yidan Prize Foundation believes that the world needs an open platform that brings together the brightest minds in education to inspire progress and change. Our luminaries are passionate people who have generated positive changes in the communities of the world and who have made possible the sector transformation innovatively and sustainably,” said Dr. Charles CHEN Yidan (Founder of the Yidan Prize Foundation).

“We all believe in the power of education, and know we have to work together. We are hopeful for the future,” Colbert said.

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