Fundación Escuela Nueva Volvamos la Gente (FEN) has been selected, at the beginning of November 2019, by the non-profit organization HundrED as one of the 100 most innovative educational projects in the world.

This year -in its third global innovation collection- the HundrED research and selection team evaluated about 2.008 initiatives in five main areas (skills, teachers, evaluation, environment, and leadership) and -according to criteria of impact and scalability- recognized the most inspiring innovations that are changing the face of K12 education today in more than 38 countries.

In its quest to help improve education and inspire a grassroots movement by encouraging pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread across the world, HundrED has been working to highlight best practices in the field of education and to connect educators with a vision of the future with managers and leaders of the different initiatives so that together we can improve education in every corner of the world.

In 2017 and 2019, FEN also received this important recognition, which constitutes a boost to our work to promote an improvement in the lives of the most vulnerable through quality education.

For more information visit the Yearbook 2020 and our innovation page.

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