GREAT FEN'S CAMPAIGN IN THE CROWDRISE GIVING TOWER. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! - Fundación Escuela Nueva Volvamos a la Gente Fundación Escuela Nueva: bienvenidos


From November 24th 2015 to January 7th 2016 we had the opportunity to participate in the “CrowdRise Giving Tower Holiday Challenge”, a great fundraising event sponsored by Skoll Foundation.

This challenge, in which more than 1,200 organizations such as cure JM Foundation or Motherstomothers participated, collected $6,456,829 USD. There were also several weekly challenges to encourage our donors, and ourselves, to participate,

Thanks to the support of our team, friends of FEN as Jeno Kalozdi and Santiago Rincón-Gallardo, volunteers and interns as Changhoon Sung and Ximena Ospina and new donors such as Deborah Ross and Beth Quillen Thomas, who accompanied us on this occasion, we were able to collect $5,080 USD.

These funds will enable us to continue to support the professional development of multi-grade teachers through experiential trainings, on-site mentorship and follow-up strategies to improve their pedagogical practices, and develop participatory engagement activities with educational communities. Additionally, we will also be able to supply Escuela Nueva schools with high quality educational materials for its students, such as learning guides, resources for learning corners, and a classroom library.

Again, many thanks to all of you and especially to those who took part in this great donation campaign and contribute to make the change. It was amazing to see how theGiving Tower grew and witness the commitment of everyone during all these weeks of this challenge.

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