FEN IS TURNING 30! - Fundación Escuela Nueva Volvamos a la Gente


30 years of experience invite us to look back and reflect, with great satisfaction, on the work done so far, and to step ahead and visualize the great road we still have ahead. Many emotions fill our hearts when we come to realize what it means for our organization to have reached this point; among them, immense gratitude. Gratitude towards all those individuals who have participated in some way in building what today is Fundación Escuela Nueva.
For this reason, we want to make you a part of this yearlong celebration. Throughout the year, we will be sharing with you memories, anecdotes, testimonies, photos as well as trivias and contests, so keep tuned!; in addition to our strategic activities and projects, which will allow us to continue building on our future and creating a great network of partners and friends, to strengthen a global movement in search of quality of education for all.

We invite you to keep an eye on our emails and social media, where we will share with you the details of our 30 year anniversary celebration.​ 

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