Bogota – May 28, 2019


Four researchers from China traveled to Colombia, from May 20-25, to see first-hand the Escuela Nueva Activa model implemented in rural schools in Quindio and Cali (Colombia). Yang Dongping and Lige BAO of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, Gan Wan of The Little Oak Children’s House and Zhang Shouli of Sunglory EDU took part in the study mission. Vicky Colbert (FEN Executive Director) and Heriberto Castro (FEN Head of Curriculum Design) led the field visit.

During five days, the group visited classrooms of three schools in Quindio (Sagrada Familia in the municipality of Quimbaya, San José in the municipality of Circasia, Barragán in Calarcá) and two in Valle del Cauca (Laureano Gómez in Pance and Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Cali).

The researchers left the country satisfied to see how the Escuela Nueva Activa model transforms the conventional school and the way of learning, facilitating that students learn at their own pace and develop skills that allow them to grow self-confidence, leadership, critical and creative thinking.

“Vicky Colbert leading the whole study tour was the most impressive experience for me. With her explaining everything in detail, we had a complete approach and understanding of the Escuela Nueva model. The support and logistics, the enthusiasm and energy of teachers and students were wonderful” said one of the researchers.

“I am very impressed to see the possibilities of the Escuela Nueva Activa model and how it can solve the educational problems in China” concluded another participant of the field visit.

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